Our Mission

Moore Community Association

The purpose of the Association is to seek to improve the quality of life in the community in matters such as promoting economic growth, combating community deterioration, lessening neighborhood tensions and other matters of community concern with a focus on the disadvantaged and vulnerable residents and families.

The objectives of the Association are:

-Combat community deterioration through community beautification and clean-up efforts.
-Erect and maintain a community center that can be utilized by all residents of the Lost River Valley without increasing the burden of government.
-Hold community events to create a sense of belonging and as a no cost or low cost option for the disadvantaged and vulnerable residents and youth to participate in unity building activities.

The above are for charitable purposes as specified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

March 16, 2015

Groundbreaking March 30, 2014

The Moore Community Association would like to thank all our supporters over the last couple years. They have made it possible for us to build the Valley Community Center. We also appreciate all those who use the center.


The Moore Community Association is organized by a group of individuals in the city of Moore, with the purpose of serving Butte and Custer County! Over the past few years we have had several projects. We started with a beautification effort in which we collected old cars from people and recycled them. Then we established the Annual King Mountain Car Show. The 8th car show will be held in 2017. We hold several community events each year.  We installed some Welcome to Moore signs. Our major project has been building the Valley Community Center.

                     We welcome new members!